Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today I returned from a week long break from February heartaches. The ocean and the sun, time spent quietly. Sleeping early, waking early. I took the kids and met my sister and her family in San Luis Obispo. It's funny how a change of location can bring exactly what is needed. Multiple times I burst into tears and how needed the very streets, the very scenes of that place were. Like God finding me. The phrase came over and over that God must have had me in mind in the moulding of those green hills dramatically dropping into the blue ocean.

We drove the whole way in warmth but met a surprise snow just outside of the Tehachapi wind farms. We were routed off the 5 for the night. The kids were filled with excitement to awake to snow in a place I told them there wouldn't be any. In the morning we chose to go south to Fillmore and then north on the 101 through Ventura. That place holds parts of me that I had long forgotten. When we arrived we filled each day with nothing. Beach nothing, sun nothing, good sushi at Umi in Grover and Farmer's market. Trees and sun up breakfasts. The whole thing was an answer to some soul-searching needs.