Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

Tonight, with my apartment home filled with pine and lights I feel proud and content.

As I gathered the kids next to me to open our first day of advent surprise I read a few verses from Luke 2. My littles listened. I told them what a manger was. I told them it was a dirty bowl that animals ate from. I explained the nudity of Jesus, comforted with nothing but swaddling, which I used their swaddling blankets to explain.

I told them why we celebrate Jesus. That He was the best human who ever lived! He came to make change possible. I asked them if they ever do bad things. If they ever make bad choices and I assured them that I do. That daddy does and that everyone we love or ever loved makes mistakes and they want and need to change. Jesus makes that possible! Dotter reminded me that Christ also, "has a body again!" making the permanence of death quieted. As I told them I hoped for it to be true and there, in the artificial glow of plugged in strands I remembered that this is just a twinkle of truth and it feels good.

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  1. Ashley, I'm so pleased to see you're blogging again. Christmas, the holiday, means nothing to me. My children, therefore, know no Christmas traditions. I would like to change that. Any suggesttions? Do you always begin with Luke 2?